3 Bollywood movies with a casinos theme

Casino films are very popular among cinema enthusiasts. As a result, we can find many titles with this theme. These films do not only come from Hollywood because they are also often shot in Bollywood. Gambling is also popular in India. In Goa, Sikkim, and Daman, casinos are allowed, and there are even casino ships. On the Internet, you can also find many useful websites where you can learn more about it.

The fact that Bollywood films deal with casinos and gambling is therefore only understandable, even if the mainstream Bollywood audience is familiar with comedy or family movies.

Here are some Bollywood films with casinos at a glance:

  • Striker
  • Jackpot
  • Simran

Before we go into details, we want to discuss a popular game in India: Jeeto Lotto.

Jeeto Lotto: How to play it?

You could win Rs3.6 Crores every four minutes if you play Jeeto Lotto at Lottoland India official site. Is that too hard to believe? Not at all. This is how the lottery works.

Every 4 minutes, a new draw takes place between 3:34 PM and 8:54 AM IST each day. So, you would have 15 chances to win Rs3.6 million every hour.

It is also easy to follow the rules. Each draw requires you to choose at most 1 and no more than 10 numbers between 1 and 70. Also, each draw would see 20 numbers selected. The number of numbers you match will determine how much you win. The potential winnings would increase when you match more numbers.

No matter how many numbers you choose to play, the minimum entry price into a Jeeto Lotto drawing is Rs80. For each entry, you can increase your stakes by as much as 10x.

You can win different prizes depending on how many numbers you have and whether you increase your stake. If you chose fewer than 10 numbers, the potential prize for the secondary levels would be greater. In this case, you would not be eligible for the Jackpot.

Below is a table that explains the various prize tiers and the chances of winning Jeeto Lotto:-

Matching Numbers
Odds Of Winning
Returns (Stake x1)
Returns (Stake x10)
1 in 2,147,181
1 in 47,238
1 in 2,571
1 in 261
1 in 44
1 in 12
1 in 39

3 Bollywood movies with a casinos theme


With Jannat, a Bollywood film is mainly set in casinos but is not a classic casino film. The story is about the main character Arjun, a smart guy who makes money in unconventional ways as a street crook. When he meets the beautiful Zoya, he first steals from her, but he also falls in love with her straight away. Therefore, Arjun decides to use his talent playing in casinos to win money there. Although he is also successful doing it, things become messy when the mafia is involved. So, Arjun ends up joining the mafia to make even more money. But is it really good?


In Jackpot, Bollywood movies fans will get acquainted with the casino ships of Goa mentioned above. In this thriller, an amateur gang plans their big coup. They want to pull off a big scam at the casino but end up with the wrong players. Because the very people they want to scam and steal money from will try to do the same thing to the amateur gang. Now everyone suspects each other, and it gets really exciting: It’s about money and greed, but also trust and distrust in Jackpot. The life of the gang members is also highlighted and shows the unambiguous contrast to the casino world.


Simran is a Bollywood casino film set in the United States. Praful Patel is living with her parents again after getting divorced. However, since her parents still want to dictate to live her life, she decides to move into her own house. Reserves and a loan should fulfill her wish, were it not for a trip to Las Vegas with her cousin. There she gets to know to gamble and gambles away all her assets. She then borrows $32,000 from a loan shark, which she also loses.

When the loan shark pressures her to pay off her debts, Praful sees only one way to get money. We will not spoil the story for you. If you want to know how things end for the MC, grab some popcorn and watch Simran.

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